EULA Research Center Privacy Policy


The ability to submit analyzed license agreements to the EULA Research Center is an optional feature of EULAlyzer™.

All submissions to the EULA Research Center are anonymous.
You are not required to, and you should not, submit any personal, confidential or any other sensitive information to BrightFort LLC through EULAlyzer. BrightFort LLC shall not be responsible or liable for any such information submitted to it.

Along with information you choose to submit, the version of EULAlyzer you are using will be transmitted to us.

Full Details.

When you opt to submit an analyzed license agreement (or other analyzed document, such as a privacy policy) to the EULA Research Center, the following information may be sent:

  • The name of the document (automatically generated from its text)

  • The document's Interest ID (generated by EULAlyzer when you analyze the document)

  • A hash of the document's text

  • The full text of the document

  • The version of EULAlyzer you are using (ex. "1.0")

Information submitted to us will be collected in an aggregated fashion. We do not associate data sent with the personal identity of the sender.

We use the information you submit for statistical purposes, to study practices and trends in license terms, to help us improve the program, and to improve EULAlyzer's detection of potentially "interesting" words and phrases.
We may also share such information with third parties for such purposes.

(This privacy policy applies to the "Submit Online" functionality built into EULAlyzer.)

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